Formulated and Developed Exclusively for the Gulf Region

GLIST was masterminded to pioneer an essential step in East Asian skincare to the GCC market. That makes us the first premium, clean East Asian skincare brand in the Gulf.

Across East Asia, sheet masks are an advanced skincare staple, so we decided it was time to share this game-changing beauty treatment.

We worked hard on combining the best innovations and rituals from Japan and Korea, to bring you the ultimate in superlative skincare.

A Skincare Solution

At GLIST, we were determined to solve all the problems sheet masks frequently faced. To achieve this, we worked closely with a renowned skincare laboratory in Taiwan, making sure we were leveraging the latest in science for the benefit of our serums.

Harnessing cosmetic innovations and age-old knowledge means we can deliver on our promise with sheet masks that leave no sticky residue, and don’t slide or dry too fast. You’ll never get unpleasant tingling, or an overbearing smell, as our products are made with high-performance, all-natural and clean ingredients.

We take this highly specialised approach to make looking after your skin super simple. This way, you can achieve lasting, visible changes in a mere 20 minutes. Our ultimate goal is to drive a new era of self-love by elevating natural skin.

Meet Our Founder

Pioneering Clean Sheet Masks

  • Targeted Skincare Results

    Targeted Results

    Helps with dehydration, signs of ageing, sensitivity, inflammation and irritation

  • Leading Skincare Technology

    Leading Technology

    Advanced semi-gel cellulose sheet material that’s unique in the Gulf region

  • Effective Formulas

    Effective Formulas

    Featuring skin-nourishing ingredients that deliver long-lasting results

  • Fast Acting Skincare

    Fast Acting

    Promotes a radiant and natural-looking complexion in just 20 minutes

  • Clean and Safe Techology

    Clean & Safe

    Paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan formulas, suitable for all skin types

  • Cruelty Free

    Cruelty Free

    Never tested on animals, only by the GLIST team