The Face Behind the Brand

Growing up in Hong Kong where skincare is heavily influenced by East Asian beauty leaders such as Japan and Korea, and within a culture where sheet masks play a critical role in skincare routines, Kary Cheng is a natural passionate advocate of sheet masks. 

For as long as she can remember, sheet masks have been a fundamental part of Kary’s skincare routine. A product she now religiously uses six times a week, sheet masks have helped Kary overcome skin concerns and achieve ultimate skin confidence.  

After living in Dubai for a decade, Kary found herself still having to travel back to Hong Kong for sheet masks because she couldn’t find any products in the Gulf that matched the quality or delivered the same results as other leading East Asian brands. This frustration is what drove Kary to create GLIST, as well as her burning desire to introduce people in the region to the powerful rejuvenating benefits of sheet masks. 

Kary strongly believes that skincare shouldn’t be complex and instead, should be an addition to people’s lives that empowers them to feel confident in their own skin. 

"It seemed crazy to me that after all this time I still had to travel to a different country to buy the skincare essential that I’ve relied on my whole life to rejuvenate my skin.”

“I’ve created GLIST to give people who lead a busy lifestyle, who live in a fast-paced city, or who want to escape time-consuming skincare routines, a simple way to take care of their skin so they can feel their best."