At GLIST, we believe that achieving a healthy complexion goes beyond products and remedies and in fact, takes a holistic approach.

In today’s demanding world, taking care of ourselves often takes a backseat due to our busy schedules and responsibilities but making it a priority has never been more important. Showing yourself self-love and making time for regular self-care will have a direct impact on your overall wellness and the quality and health of your skin.

Harvard research has found that stress slows down the skin’s healing process, increases inflammation levels and has a negative impact on the overall condition of your skin. Stress also causes the skin to produce more oil which can lead to blocked pores and breakouts and it can change the proteins in your skin which can lead to premature ageing.

As it is mental health awareness month, we wanted to share some self-care ideas that promote healthy skin that can be easily implemented in all areas of your life because a happy mind equals a happy and healthy life.

Physical Self-care

Skincare trends come and go but a fundamental aspect of healthy skin that shouldn’t be underestimated is physical self-care. Incorporating physical activity such as going to the gym, running or brisk walking into your lifestyle regularly will promote healthy blood circulation throughout your body. This will ensure that your skin cells are getting an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients which they need to renew and will help to create a noticeable improvement in your skin’s tone and texture. Treating yourself to a massage is another great way to promote healthy blood circulation.

Spiritual Self-care

Stress can lead to a range of skin concerns such as breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles so it is important to be mindful about how much stress you’re experiencing in your daily life. Spiritual self-care practices such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga have a huge impact on reducing stress levels and will help you to calm your mind and body. Making time for these simple practices can also help reduce inflammation in the body which will lead to a calmer and clearer complexion. We also recommend spending time in nature and don’t forget to be kind to yourself and do your daily affirmations. How we speak to ourselves has a direct impact on our overall mood and well-being.

Self-care at work

It’s easy to neglect our personal well-being when our work schedules are busy but remembering to implement simple self-care rules in your work life can have a big effect on your mental health and your complexion. We suggest having a meeting-free day once a week and being mindful of how much time you’re spending at and away from your desk. Be protective over your lunch break and fuel your body with healthy and nutritious whole foods that feed your skin with the nutrients that it needs. Also, remember to keep hydrated throughout the working day because proper hydration is vital for skin health. Dehydration, as well as eating processed foods, can leave the skin looking dull and dry so keeping a water bottle on your desk and making a conscious effort to drink more water will help to replenish the essential hydration and nutrients it needs to look radiant.


Healthy skin is a reflection of a well cared for mind and body so making time for yourself to relax and recharge at home is really important. Create a self-care ritual for yourself one night a week and treat yourself to the things that make you feel happy. Try disconnecting from technology, taking a long bath, ordering your favourite food, watching your favourite TV shows or calling a friend. Getting to bed early and having a good night’s sleep is often underestimated when it comes to skincare, but lack of sleep can lead to a weak skin barrier, dehydration and a dull complexion. Winding down by doing the things that make you feel good and then getting a good night’s sleep will give your skin the time it needs to repair and regenerate so you wake up with a refreshed and radiant complexion.


Your happiness is reflected directly in your skin so following these simple steps can help you to achieve a happier mind and a naturally glowing complexion. We also recommend adding a GLIST sheet mask into your at-home self-care ritual. Each sheet mask features a powerful formula that is made from vegan, clean and skin-nourishing ingredients to help you feel happier and more confident in your own skin.

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