From skin flooding to skin minimalism and status skin, we’ve already seen a fair share of skincare trends making waves in the industry this year alone. The latest trend you need to know about? Skin streaming.

Skin streaming is the next step of the skin minimalism movement and encourages people to go back to basics and simplify their skincare routines. It is being seen as the response to people being inundated with product recommendations on the internet and social media and experts say it’s a practice that’s worth implementing long-term.

As a skincare brand that believes in using simple yet effective products to achieve a healthy and clear complexion, GLIST is all for it. So, in this blog post, we explain what skin streaming is, the benefits of the trend and offer simple tips that you can follow.

What is skin streaming?

Put simply, skin streaming is all about creating a simpler, more effective skincare routine by streamlining your routine and using fewer products that address multiple needs. Instead of using numerous single-purpose products, skin streaming encourages the use of fewer, multi-purpose products that are more effective.

What are the benefits?

As well as the obvious benefits which include spending less money and time on your skincare routine, skin streaming can help you hone in on what products you actually need to reach your skincare goals. Skin streaming also reduces the chances of your skin getting irritated as it limits the combination of individual products that can cause irritation when used together. The good news is that your skin doesn’t actually need a lot of products to be healthy. Using an excessive number of products in your routine can be detrimental to your skin health as overapplication can cause a build-up of products on the skin. This causes products to become diluted and less effective because the skin can’t properly absorb them. By using fewer, more effective products, you’re giving your skin the opportunity to fully absorb the nutrients and hydration you’re feeding it with and you won’t over-strip it in the process.

Skin streaming top tips

The way you skin stream will depend on your specific skincare goals but there are a few key tips that everyone can follow. The first tip is to stick to the basics. A quality cleanser, moisturiser and SPF are the foundations of a good skincare routine, so these products are a good place to start. If you build a core collection of medical-grade products that contain active ingredients you can skip or reduce using a toner, exfoliator or serum to just a few times a week. The second tip is to choose multitasking products that offer multiple benefits. Look for a moisturiser that also contains SPF or a sheet mask that contains hyaluronic acid and allantoin. It is important to note that if you’re using products prescribed by a dermatologist or doctor, you should consult with your specialist for advice before removing these from your routine.

Is Skin Streaming for you?

First, you need to work out your skin type, its specific needs and your goals. Skin streaming is a great approach to skincare for almost everyone, but people who are experiencing a disrupted skin barrier or people with sensitive skin will greatly benefit from streamlining their routine.

A recommended routine

If you want to skin stream but don’t know where to start, our Founder has shared her morning and evening routine to give you some inspiration. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kary lives by the East Asian rule of the less is more approach to skincare. Her routine includes the essentials needed to balance, hydrate and protect the skin. Every morning she uses a balancing toner, a hyaluronic acid, an eye cream, an anti-pollution serum and a day moisturiser and SPF combination. Her night-time routine includes a balancing toner, a hyaluronic acid, a sheet mask, an eye cream and a night moisturiser.

The Skin Streaming essential

The best skincare routine is a consistent one and you’re more likely to stick to a routine long term that includes fewer steps. With this in mind, we recommend building a routine that includes high-quality, multi-tasking products like sheet masks. A sheet mask can replace the need for multiple serums, making them an essential step in a stripped-back skincare routine. Each of our high-performance sheet masks targets a specific skin concern, so you can treat your skin issues whilst feeding it with the hydration and moisturisation it needs to be healthy and glowing.

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