Skincare trends come and go but we think the industry’s obsession with skin barrier health is here to stay. This megatrend has been rising in popularity over the past few years and now it’s dominating the skincare industry. The term ‘barrier protection’ received double the amount of Google searches in 2022 compared to 2021.

Research shows that since the pandemic, people have stripped back the number of products in their skincare routines and are seeking products that provide immediate results and look after the skin’s long-term health too. In response to this, products that nurture and protect the skin's barrier function are rising in popularity.

In this blog post, we explore why skin barrier health has become one of the most talked-about skincare trends and what your skin barrier actually is. We’ve also shared our recommendations on how to look after it with our premium sheet mask collection so you can achieve a healthy and glowing complexion.

What is the Skin Barrier?

Also known as the stratum corneum, the skin barrier is the outer layer of the epidermis. Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is extremely important for your overall skin health and its appearance because it acts as a protective shield from external factors such as UV rays, pollution and harsh living and weather conditions. When your skin barrier is healthy it prevents harmful substances from being absorbed into your skin and acts as a barrier against moisture loss so your skin can maintain optimal hydration levels.

What causes skin barrier issues?

The same environmental factors that your skin barrier protects against can cause damage to it. Exposing your skin to excessive weather and atmospheric conditions and unhealthy lifestyle habits such as not drinking enough water, eating an unhealthy diet and drinking too much alcohol and caffeine can also cause a breakdown of your skin barrier.

Overcomplicated skincare routines and using harsh products can also cause issues, as well as not moisturising enough, using acids that are too strong or excessively exfoliating.

How to detect an unhealthy Skin Barrier

If your skin is looking dull or flaky or is feeling sensitive and inflamed, you could be suffering from a skin barrier breakdown. An impaired barrier function can lead to various skin issues such as dryness, sensitivity and premature ageing. It can also lead to your skin being more susceptible to infections and inflammation.

How to treat and restore the Skin Barrier

Using skincare products such as hydrating sheet masks that have been designed to repair, strengthen and protect your skin will help your skin barrier to function at an optimal level. Products that feature ingredients such as ceramides, sodium polyglutamate, sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide and natural oils work to replenish the skin’s moisture, restore its lipid balance and enhance its natural defence mechanism.

We suggest adding barrier-friendly products such as a gentle cleanser and hyaluronic acid face masks into your skincare routine and it’s important to wear SPF 50 every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Protect your skin barrier

We firmly believe that skin barrier health isn’t just a passing trend but a fundamental aspect of skincare. It’s why we’ve formulated a premium sheet mask collection that gently cares for and protects your overall skin health. Our Ultra Hydro Plumping Mask features a powerful concentration of sodium hyaluronate and sodium polyglutamate because these two active ingredients hydrate the deeper and surface layers of your skin and help to maintain your skin barrier health.

In the ever-changing world of skincare, one thing is certain. By prioritising your skin barrier health, you will be able to achieve a healthy and youthful complexion.

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