Social media has made it easier than ever for us to learn from some of the most influential people in beauty.  Skincare influencers, or who we like to call skinfluencers, have become go-to sources for information and it is reported that 84% of millennials have been influenced in their purchase decisions by social media content. This new wave of beauty influencer is ditching the filters and heavy makeup and instead, celebrating makeup-free, glowing skin. They’re making waves amongst Gen Z too and on TikTok #skincare has racked up 66.9 billion views and #skincareroutine has hit 13.8 billion views.

From skincare enthusiasts to industry experts and brand creators, we love the skinfluencer community because of their inspiring content, unbiased reviews, ingredient breakdowns and the practical tips they share to help people understand the world of skincare. So, in this blog post, we’re sharing our list of the skinfluencers we love to follow so you can boost your skincare knowledge, stay up to date with the latest trends and learn from their recommendations and reviews.


Renee Chow, also known as Gothamista, is a self-proclaimed skin enthusiast who’s been an expert in the beauty industry for over 10 years in both buying and product development. With 690k subscribers on her YouTube channel and 195k followers on Instagram, Renee has built her global following thanks to her honest skincare reviews and in her own words, ‘tries a lot of brands and products so you don’t have to.’ She’s a big fan of Asian skincare and has worked with chemists to learn about skincare products from a scientific perspective. In her YouTube videos she likes to take a deep dive into a range of brands and products and we love that she regularly shares advice and tips on changing your skincare to suit the season.



Beauty industry veteran and Author of the Sunday Times No.1 bestselling book, Skincare, Caroline Hirons is one of the biggest names in skincare. She’s been in the industry for over 35 years and has worked as a consultant to leading skincare brands for 15 years. She’s also trained in over 100 brands and is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician. Her career has involved developing bespoke facials and training teams internationally for top brands in the UK, USA and Far East so she’s definitely someone to take advice from. Caroline has over 254k YouTube subscribers and 720k Instagram followers and we love her for her very honest product reviews.



Skincare enthusiast James Welsh has amassed a staggering 1.48 million YouTube subscribers and 373k Instagram followers because of his myth-busting content and love of exploring product ingredients. He’s tested thousands of skincare products and we love following him because he’s all about real and honest beauty. An Editorial and Advertising graduate, James is a big fan of exposing the digital retouching and photo manipulation technique that brands use to sell their products and he exposes filters, blurred skin and other misleading techniques to promote more honesty in the beauty world.



Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery, is a medical and cosmetic doctor and is a clinical expert in skincare and non-surgical enhancement. She’s the Founder of The Skin Doctor and Contributing Editor at ELLE UK. She’s known as one of the most innovative and exciting names in beauty and combines her extensive medical knowledge with a refreshingly contemporary take on beauty. She’s worked with a range of leading skincare brands such as Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Elemis, REN Clean Skincare, The INKEY List and MALIN+GOETZ and we’re big fans of her frank, honest and story-based Q&A sessions she shares on Instagram, as well as her beautiful feed where she offers expert product advice.



Susie Ma is the Founder and CEO of Tropic Skincare, a skincare line that focuses on clinically tested formulas that are both ethical and effective. Susie is on a mission to do good in the world beyond beauty and is striving to make the world a healthier, greener and more empowered place. As a clean skincare brand, we love that Susie develops products that are clinically effective and carbon-negative and take inspiration from her use of sustainably sourced ingredients. We like following Susie to support her on her journey to promote clean beauty and we’re behind her inspiring mission to change the face of the skincare world, one clean product at a time.



American beauty expert and Cosmopolitan Middle East Beauty Editor, Lauren O’Connell combines her passion for beauty, wellness and science to create her ingredient-focused content. Lauren shares reviews on all things beauty and skincare with her 13k Instagram followers and 49.7k YouTube subscribers and we love how she takes a holistic approach to beauty with her uplifting and wellness-driven posts and lifestyle tips and advice.



Tina Chen Craig is the Founder of U Beauty, a clean, multi-functional skincare line that has been designed to simplify skincare routines without sacrificing results. She’s driven to make looking after the skin simple and her highly effective and bespoke skincare range replaces the need for an excessive number of products. Tina shares an insight into her own skincare journey with her 512k Instagram followers and we love her reviews of non-surgical treatments and her skincare experiences from her travels around the world.



With so many products to choose from and new products launching daily, the skincare industry can be an overwhelming space, so we find skinfluencers a great way to pick up skinspiration, simple tips and honest advice about how best to take care of our skin. We’ve developed our bespoke range of rich hydrating facial masks so they fit effortlessly into your skincare routine and replace the need for time-consuming products and routines to help take the confusion out of skincare. We’re a brand that is driven by knowledge and performance and we’re committed to sharing helpful tips and advice with our skincare community so you can achieve your best complexion yet with our easy to use facial masks.

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