TikTok has most definitely claimed the spot as the social media platform with the biggest influence on beauty and skincare trends. It was the driving force behind some of 2022’s biggest trends such as ‘cloud skin’ which promoted a soft, matte complexion, ‘clean makeup’, an elevated version of the no-makeup makeup look and how could we not mention the ‘glazed doughnut’ skincare trend that Hailey Bieber made famous.

However, TikTok trends are changing at the speed of light and it can be hard to keep up with them all. The ever-changing trends also mean that we’re wasting more products than ever and struggling to keep up with new skincare routines. What we do love about these trends though is the focus on intensely dewy, natural skin or what experts call, skin minimalism, the 2023 definition of natural beauty.

Beauty editors and experts have reported that while 2022 was all about excess, this year is about stripping back our skincare routines and taking a less is more approach by using hardworking skincare essentials and hero ingredients.

We love products that encourage people to embrace their natural beauty and celebrate their natural skin. So, in this blog post, we wanted to delve a little deeper into natural beauty and explain what it means to us at GLIST.

East Asian Skincare Influence

East Asia is known for its natural and holistic approach to skincare and emphasises nourishing and nurturing the skin with natural ingredients which has inspired and influenced the entire beauty industry. Skincare from this region is highly effective and trustworthy and promotes enhancing natural beauty through calming ingredients and gentle formulas to achieve a radiant and natural-looking complexion, making it incredibly popular around the world. East Asian skincare is built on centuries-old traditions and rituals and manufacturers continue to use traditional active ingredients to produce some of the most innovative and forward-thinking formulas in the industry.

Skincare from Japan is all about simplicity and encourages layering a select number of good quality, natural products to achieve ultra-soft skin. We have Japan and South Korea to thank for making sheet masks popular in the skincare industry. The use of sheet masks dates back to ancient civilisation and the true transformation of sheet masks began in Japan in the late 19th century before Korean beauty companies advanced sheet mask technology in the 1960s.

The rise of K-beauty in the early 2000s helped sheet masks gain global recognition and popularity and now, thanks to social media and beauty bloggers, they’re one of the biggest-selling skincare products in the world.

Calming and Natural Ingredients

Natural skincare products are a great way to achieve dewy, glowing skin and the skin minimalism look that is taking the industry by storm this year. In a world full of synthetic beauty products and quick-fix solutions, clean beauty products continue to rise in popularity due to their high-performing formulas that feature naturally calming and nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, tea tree and avocado oil. Clean skincare products are typically formulated without harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and synthetic materials which can irritate the skin.

Instead, they rely on gentle and soothing formulas which make them gentle on the skin so they’re suitable for all skin types, even people with sensitive skin.

Natural Beauty Today

In today’s world where beauty standards often prioritise flawless complexions and perfect appearances, we’re happy to see the natural beauty trend growing in popularity and people embracing natural skincare and celebrating natural beauty.

Skincare is now becoming a form of self-care and people are becoming more mindful about the products they use. We believe that while skincare is important, embracing natural beauty goes beyond the products we use and is about being mindful of your lifestyle, looking after your mental well-being and cultivating self-love.

Your happiness shows on your skin so practising self-care and pampering yourself with rituals that make you feel good is a great way to unlock your skin’s true potential.

A New Era of Self Love

GLIST is inspired by East Asian skincare principles and we’re driven to lead a new era of self-love that encourages you to celebrate your natural beauty and embrace natural-looking skin.

We fully believe in the less is more approach to skincare and using fewer, more purposeful products on your skin. It’s why we’ve created easy-to-use and highly effective sheet masks that fit effortlessly into your skincare routine and take just 20 minutes to show visible results.

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